Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas Vacation 2010

Well, so far I have one follower, which could be due to the fact that I only told one person (my husband) that I started a blog. Wooo!
I've been told my blog needs a few things before people will come, like perhaps a cool design. Uh-oh. I'm not the most tech-saavy when it comes to creating and implementing computer graphics, so I've been putting that off.

I've also been putting off actually writing a description of the blog for two reasons. I'm not sure yet what I want it to be about, AND I found out it needs some kind of sub-heading. I had a hard enough time coming up with the title! Geez! But it seems these things are necessary if Google is going to recognize or acknowledge my existence.


In other news, P & I made it through the holidays! But only barely. This year, that was no easy task. First we had to drive north to Kenosha, WI through a medium-sized snow storm, then on Christmas morning as we were nearing the end of the present-opening, someone in my family (they'll remain unnamed here...) accidentally *stepped on* Fritz (our little boy, a mini-daschund mix), who was napping under a pile of blankets by the fireplace. OOPS. Poor guy! He literally had the piss scared out of him! Other than peeing all over the living room, he was fine. Glad we didn't have to cart him over to the small animal ER on Christmas. It's a Christmas Miracle!

After family time, we had planned a nice little 3-day getaway in Brown County, IN. The place was absolutely GORGEOUS. A hilly, tree-ey winter wonderland! Our little cabin was PERFECT. Fire pit, stream and foot bridge in the backyard. SO CUTE. The night we got there, we had a grand ol' time eating beef jerky, and drinking holiday beers. There was a gas-powered stove in the living room, which was wonderful and provided extra heat. Maybe I will put a picture up if I can find our camera. The trip took a slight turn for suckage at around 4:30am the first morning when I woke up with terrible stomach pains - harbinger of two days of misery. On top of the standard "stomach flu," I also managed to forget to keep myself hydrated a day or two before the attack due to extra holiday-inspired alcohol intake. Needless to say, I was reduced to a miserable, self-loathing, semi-conscious lump on the couch. The only upside was raiding the cabin's old VHS* (!) collection to find and watch My Girl. CLASSIC. That movie kicks ass. I boo-hoo'ed like a champ at the end.

Poor P also came down with a monster of a sinus infection that pretty much laid him out too. We were a sad picture. On the third day we managed to get out and ride to the state park and walk around, which was nice.

So that was Christmas Vacation 2010. WOO!

*As much as I complain about DVDs, they sure provide a better image than the VHS cassette tape. For real.