Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Something pretty cool happened last night. I was sitting outside having a snack and reading my book, and one of our new next door neighbors came home and offered me a giant bag of tomatoes from his garden. I thanked him profusely, mostly because I was a little surprised at his generosity (we don't live in the "richest" part of town, and he's a young dude who, like us, is probably living paycheck-to-paycheck.) He said he had a surplus and he would never be able to eat them all, so he'd been giving them away to everyone he could think of. He acted like it was no big deal. Then, not EVEN 5 mintues later, his roommate comes outside with his new puppy and offers us two tennis ball toys to give our dogs. He also said he'd bought a 20-pack of these, so he had two to spare. No big deal either.

I was really touched by this, and I've been trying to figure out why that was. I don't know. I think it's that I like how things like that bring us closer to people with whom we wouldn't otherwise connect. I also like the obvious joy people have when they give. It's nice. And we'll probably give back to them the next time we have a surplus. Pay it forward, man!