Friday, January 7, 2011

Hair of the Dog

Hi world, welcome to my blog! Rather than provide any info, I'm just going to jump right in there and dump out some of my "brain goo" (as my husband P so fondly calls most people's blog/fb content...

So here are some random things:

-After lunch at work today, I noticed something pricking the bottom of my foot inside my boot every time I got up to walk around. It was an itchy, painful feeling - kinda like when a miniscule shard of glass lodges itself in your skin. So I sat down, took off my boot and sock and found a tiny, white DOG HAIR sticking out of the ball of my foot!* I swear, my dog Beauty's hairs are like frickin' NEEDLES. Porcupine spines. AND I'm allergic to them. They don't make me sneeze, but they give me itchy red bumps when they end up vertically lodged in my skin. So there's that.

-My coworkers and I have a Friday afternoon ritual where we pull an old rusty scale out from under the UPS label machine (I spend my afternoons at a loading dock of a concert hall) and weigh ourselves. So today, I discover that despite having had a terrible case of food poisoning last week, I have gained TWELVE pounds! Jesus. Maybe the illness weight-loss hasn't caught up to me yet. Perhaps next week? I don't know how that works. Who would I even ask about that?

-P has a knack for cooking things that taste really, really good. I mean really, REALLY FREAKING GOOD. He made a chili this week that gave me a full on buzz after I ate just one bowl. The stuff was like crack. Seriously. How lucky am I? Obviously, this is why I'm gaining weight. Oh well. It's for a good cause. Somebody's got to enjoy his cooking.

*This isn't the first time this has happened...

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