Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's funny

It's funny...

how quickly moods can fluctuate. when I'm moody.

how little things like certain smells and feelings can trigger the most vivid memories. 

how much getting a good night's sleep can improve my outlook on life.
(ha! I just typed "lice" instead of life. "outlook on lice" -- awesome. )

how time speeds up and then slows down, sometimes when I want it to and sometimes not. most of the time not.

how I take some things for granted. like music. what would the world be like without music? we are so lucky to have that.

how we all have dreams every night but rarely remember them. we have a whole different level of consciousness that we're totally unaware of. that's nuts.

how I get really anxious about meeting someone new or giving a presentation at work, but a week later, can hardly remember doing it at all. let alone care how it went.

farts. farts are just funny.

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